Stafing Services :

Staffing Services:

Initiation / Kickoff :

Client defines staffing requirement and communicates with RANSI account manager.

Resume Management :

Our seasoned recruiters scan various resumes available from various sources like internal database, top rated schools and external market etc and filter few candidates whose skill set, experience matches with requirements.

Screening :

Recruiters will talk to selected candidates to get details like comfortability with requirements, current and expected salary/rate, availability, relocation interest, interest on the job and career goals etc. Based on the information gathered,communication skills and interpersonal skills, recruiters further filter candidates for an online technical assessment test as applicable.

Senior technical consultants will gauge the technical capabilities of filtered candidates for further screening.

Background Verification :

We will ask candidate to provide 3 professional references (2 managers & 1 peer). If the requirement is for a lead or managerial position, we will take one more reference from team member of the candidate. We will complete the verification process.

Interview Scheduling :

Our account manager will submitt screened resume to client and coordinate with client and candidate for an interview schedule.

Offer Release :

Upon receipt of acceptance from client, we will release the offer to candidate.

Joining formalities & Induction :

We will meet with candidate to execute the paperwork and review all procedures and policies.

Orientation :

Account manager meet with client manager & candidate for first day of work to review expectations, duties and facilitate orientation.

Progress Check :

Account manager review progress & accomplishments of candidate periodically to ensure clien't satisfaction.