Application Services:

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA):

Today’s companies face a broad array of challenges, including an overabundance of business systems, such as ERP, portals, and a plethora of customized systems lacking a single view of enterprise. As a result, business processes are fragmented over multiple products. Frequently, data is duplicated and inconsistent. When combined with rigid infrastructures, interactions are inefficient and processing is slow. These problems are exacerbated when multiple locations and complex information interactions are spread across different systems.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the key technology which has the most profound impact in building agile and flexible IT systems. SOA is a principle of creating software functions as reusable and configurable services, to enable alignment of business processes and related IT assets to meet change in business needs, leading to business agility, reduction in time and cost to IT.

RANSI views SOA as the key to enabling business benefits by aligning IT to strategy and business process transformation needs of the organization. To realize the strategic value of SOA, enterprises have to aggressively envision, strategize, design, develop, deploy and optimize SOA systems as part of their overall business process transformation initiatives.