Chemicals :

The chemical industry is an intensely competitive industry serving mature industrialized markets. The cyclical and capital intensive nature of the industry, coupled with industry trends towards commoditization and low growth, forces companies to continuously look for means to improve their return on capital employed. Organizations are optimizing their product portfolios and applying lean techniques across the organization to consolidate internal infrastructure, and reduce costs. Globalization presents another set of challenges with mergers and acquisitions, intense alliance activity and new markets.

Flexibility of IT systems has become important to support this growth, consolidation, globalization and new business models. Common application platforms, standardized applications, shared support services and shared infrastructure are becoming a necessity to control IT’s total cost of ownership. System architectures are required to ensure that intellectual property is secure, while not hindering collaboration with suppliers and partners. IT continues to be the differentiating factor in improving customer service.

The need for an IT partner, who not just brings technology skills and lower costs, but helps in the journey of IT transformation to meet the business goals, is immense.

Service Offerings
  • Business Transformation
  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Plant Asset Management
  • Global Spend Analytics
  • Real Time Order Processing
  • Pricing Management
  • Environment Health and Safety
  • Innovation Management
Industry Segments
  • Photography Chemicals
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Plastics and Rubber
  • Petrochemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Chemicals Storage and Distribution