Energy :

The Oil & Gas industry has witnessed dramatic changes with consolidation ushering in competition from newer players. The fallout of this is a major restructuring process, where the Oil & Gas industry takes on new urgency for outsourcing. Market dynamics demand nothing less than the best, and more and more enterprises are waking up to the fact that they need to revamp their processes and practices to increase shareholder value. The Oil & Gas industry is no different - it has witnessed dramatic changes, with increased consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, increased competition and intense pricing pressure in the downstream business, and at the same time adopted newer technologies in the upstream and midstream businesses.

Some of the key challenges currently encountered by the oil and gas industry are:
  • Streamlining and integrating business processes across functional and geographic boundaries
  • Managing volatility of supply and demand elements in a complex value chain
  • Complying with stringent regulatory standards
  • Exceeding market expectations on operational integrity

In its pursuit for sustainable growth, the industry now juggles with asset leadership, trading superiority, customer focus, and enterprise risk management. Today, value creation from technology extends beyond enablement of businesses processes; it’s expected to deliver competitive edge through creative and transformational solutions. The challenges are to identify newer reserves, enhance recovery from existing fields, improve operational margins through an agile and event responsive supply chain, acquire and retain most profitable market segments, and manage exposures through innovative techniques.

Service Offerings
  • Data Management related services.
  • Upstream Applications integration with field systems and ERP.
  • Information Management
  • Reservoir Modeling and Simulation.
  • Integrated oil fields
Supply & Trading
  • Seamless integration of front-mid-and back office
  • Workflow management
  • Rules engine
  • Automated events and messages management
  • Risk management and analytics
  • Reference data management in the energy trading and risk management space
  • Customization and systems integration across the trading organization
  • Energy trading business process re-engineering and management
  • Contract management solutions
  • Marine assurance
  • Global cargo tracking
Refining & Petrocjemicals
  • Refinery Supply Chain (SCM) Planning and Scheduling
  • Plant Integration Solutions
  •  . Production Schedule
     . Production Plan
     . Sales Forecast
     . Inventory & Stock
     . Product Specification
     . Shipping Instructions
  • Environment, Health & Safety Solutions
  • Plant Real Time Solutions
  • Retail Network Planning & Management
  • Retail Outlet Automation
  • Wet Stock Management
  • Retails Marketing Analytics
  • Fleet Card Management